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The dream team is not about assembling the world’s best players into a single team. Rather it’s about assembling a team with diverse thinking and skillsets into a thoughtfully designed system of systems that can collectively achieve a dream together.

Bringing an idea from the realm of imagination into reality is not an easy feat.

I hope you found at least one of these How to Build an Engineering Dream Team takeaways valuable:

Systems Thinking

Design your dream at a higher level by learning to see the world thru the lens of systems.

System Design Principles

Distill your dream into principles to guide the architecture underpinning your systems.

Feedback Loops for Antifragility

Figure out where to add feedback loops so that your systems become stronger from stressors and shocks.

Organizational Design Patterns

Use organizational design patterns to create a flexible structure that smoothly reorgs as it scales.

Dedicated Coaches

Assign a dedicated coach (EM + High EQ) to mentor an engineer across organizational changes and through career trials and tribulations.

External EQ Training

Train EMs and engineers to level up their EQ using external training services. [One Mountain Leadership] comes highly recommend by me.

Seasteading with Desks

Physical constraints of an office layout shouldn’t constrain how collaboration happens.

Define Cadence Waves

Design the execution of your team at multiple wavelengths of cadence.

Coding as an Esport

Level up with gamification patterns rather than promotion packets.

The Office as Playground for Adults

The office environment should be designed to counter act the negative health effects of knowledge based work.

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